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Don Bell Lighting is a leading company in the Argentinean market, dedicated to the design and manufacture of light artifacts, which provides a comprehensive response to design and quality needs.

Nearly 50 years in the Argentine market testify the importance given to the as well as the responsibility and efficiency in the fulfillment of delivery.

With a plant of more than 500 m², a wide range of products and continuous launches, we are able to offer solutions to the requirements of our extensive client portfolio.

About Us
What do we do

What do we do?

We develop competitive products that allow the profitability of the whole marketing chain and the satisfaction of the needs of the customers.


The design at Don Bell Lighting is an essential element in the innovation process and is applied throughout the company as a business method. All the details that make up a product are studied with the greatest care, from the purchase of the materials to their actual use. The design process of a product is based on the research that makes it possible to create new solutions that satisfy and anticipate the needs and the requirements of the market.


We have a wide distribution throughout the national territory, destined to the retail and wholesale trade, making each consumer count on our product.


One of the key points in the company in providing an excellent service in the pre-sale, sale and after-sales stages, we consider ourselves a manufacturer and service provider, as this is our main strength, and for Don Bell each customer Is as important as if it were the only one.

Design and manufacture of
lights artifacts

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